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The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.


Brave and Strong

Today i saw your face

Hair as white as lace


So brave and strong

Yet your clothes were torn


I cry inside for what we have

I cry inside for what you don’t have


Scared to know that if my clothes were torn

I could not be as brave and strong



Temporary Everything

Everything is temporary… this always helps me feel better..

When times are hard or bad, I try to remember that it is only temporary. No matter how hard or how bad it is at that moment, this to shall pass.

Most of the time when we look back we are able to say to ourselves, ” it was not so hard”, “it was not so bad”..even though at that moment you probably felt like dying or maybe killing someone. Afterwards it seems more ok than what you expected it to be.

Sadly this is also true for the great and happy moments in life, they to shall pass.

So as much as we can hope that the bad should pass we must never focus so much on the difficult that we might miss the Great !!

Starting the Week

I personally get Monday depression on a Sunday night already…When the clock hits 7pm then my brain automatically starts to work  and by the time I go to bed  my brain is in full fledged panic mode..Like an air traffic control tower my planes start arriving and taking off.

monday So how do we start Monday?

I am definitely not a yoga mom or a meditation mom (I am way to busy to meditate),  but I do believe in being prepared. For me being prepared takes away a lot of stress, even though I came to work today and when I looked at my calendar I realized that it was my turn to make extra sandwiches for school for this week and I have forgotten day 1’s sandwiches..

For me the little things that I forget like making sandwiches makes me feel like a failure and most of the time it is just me being hard on myself, and I fail sometimes in the little things because we have so many things. I have heard Nataniel say that it is all in the details, it is the little things that makes the big difference, the little screw that holds up the ceiling boards for example.

So how do I make my Mondays easier?

  • Pack lunches on Sunday night, I will not run around looking for lunchboxes and snacks on a Monday morning
  • Pack the bags, put out clothes
  • I Prepare whatever we are eating on Sunday early enough so that I can be finished with cooking, feeding and cleaning by 6pm
  • Tidy up the house and kitchen Sunday Night
  • Check my diary for what is coming this week
    • when planning meetings, try to keep Monday light
  • Get the kids to bed early so that I can relax with a movie on a Sunday night
  • Don’t oversleep on a Monday, that will ruin it for you
  • Find something that can make Monday special for you – favourite dinner, maybe take outs, movie night or drinks with friends
  • Check my laptop bag and handbag to make sure everything is there and in it’s place